Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Have a Winner!!!

I really thought Bridget, Eddie, and I won some sort of cosmic lottery when our tire was hit by a heavy, sharp, and sizable chunk of metal on our way home from Mariano's last week-end.  All things considered we were so fortunate since it could have been so much worse if it had hit the truck's gas tank or come in through the window.  At the time I was a bit hysterical - what with having to have the truck towed away and getting a ride back to my other car in the back of a Sheriff's Deputy's cruiser. (First time being driven around by the Sheriff's police...short ride, no time to snap a quick 'selfie' to commemorate the moment!)

Then Embot called to say that she heard a strange noise coming from one of her tires.
She was figuring on a rock stuck in the tread - didn't count on a bullet casing.  So there's our winner for the "February - Oh, My Aching Tires" sweepstakes.  Let's hope the rest of the month is without incident - and that March can be boooorrrriiiinnnngggg!

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