Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ninjestrians. Add this to the OED stat!

We always called the darkly dressed walkers (usually walking with traffic...seriously!) "ninjas".  I thought this was maybe just a vH family pet peeve and then I saw this on a piece about 30 words that should be added to the English language.  So we're not alone in our extreme dislike of those who appear to be asking to be hit.  Add this word to the OED dictionary stat - that will happen faster than people could be educated not to walk in the dark dressed like ninjas!

It's been a bad winter for near misses with ninjestrians.  If I thought ninjestrians were bad back in the Smith Avenue neighborhood I was extremely deluded. Our new neighborhood has a lot of people who need to walk everywhere; combined with a lack of sidewalks or sidewalks even reasonably shoveled.  Everyday has a near miss with a ninjestrian.  I was so pleased to leave for home late yesterday afternoon and have enough sunlight left to navigate around walkers.  My daily commutes involve always taking the left lane when there is a two lane option...and even that isn't a perfect solution since there is a contingent of fearless people who prefer to walk down the middle of Green Bay Road.  But still, we are always on high alert. (There are the ninjestrians who walk -with traffic - three across and have the nerve to flip you off as you pass.)

Don't they teach any of this in school anymore:  wear something light and reflective at night, walk against traffic etc?  You know, simple life survival skills...  I floated they idea of starting a personal 'ministry' of passing out white scarves (not hand knit, I'm not that ambitious) to people I almost run over.  But that was shot down by a family member who thought that might lead to me being found in a ditch, strangled with one of the scarves.

Please, ninjestrians of the world.  I want you to live.  I want you to prosper.  I don't want years of therapy to get over the trauma of hitting you.  (Nor substantial front end damage to my car.)

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