Monday, March 10, 2014

No Kvetching Zone

When I set out to write 7 Ways to Observe Lent in the Home for Fr. Robert Barron's Word on Fire Blog, the first item that came to mind was my annual giving up of kvetching.  I'm not kvetching about it - it's just so much easier said than done.  Especially during a winter that has made kvetching about the weather the basis of everyday conversation in the Chicago area.  Finally we have a sunny, warmish (in the fifties!!!) day; it's been a long, long time since I've been able to greet people with, "What a gorgeous day!" 

As Chicagoans know, it won't last.  Good or bad, it never lasts.  The seasons here provide a seasoning to our daily existence.  And the necessity for multiple wardrobes (e.g., warm-Spring, cool-Spring, cool-Summer, nice-Summer, insufferable-Summer etc. )  Which makes life interesting.  And provides us with days on which we are not led into the temptation to kvetch!


HogsAteMySister,com said...

I won't mention that it's been a lovely summer Down Under. Wait. I just did. Sorry about that.

Ellyn said...

Weather talk is truly an international language. I remember reading about the excessive heat at the Australian Open - so bad that one player started hallucinating. Which I took on faith, as I was huddled under a blanket and several layers of clothing at the time. (Reminds me of my teenage tennis days - a few tourneys that were so hot I started to hallucinate that I was a pretty good player. That wore off as soon as I cooled down!)

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