Friday, November 29, 2013

A Day Late...

but Happy Thanksgiving to all.

We had the most casual, smallest attendance, low key Thanksgiving ever.  And it was marvelous nonetheless.  As usual, going around the table saying what we were thankful for broke down into a benign miasma of cross-chatter.  Or maybe everybody was just feeling spontaneously thankful.  Our good serving stuff was all packed, the living room is filled with boxes, we're moving into a rental that I have only seen in pictures from Rick's phone in a week.  And there was still so much to be thankful for.  So much!!!  (I also feel like a philistine - but as fun as it is to use all the antique china from Martha's 'hope chest', the Waterford and all the other fancy extras....tossing those heavy duty paper plates in the trash after dinner and throwing assorted glasses in the dishwasher was great!!!)

The Chin-Irish family members were not - contrary to a rumor at dinner - "disinvited".  I just told them in advance that I didn't know what we were eating, how much room we would have in which to dine, and that the house was a non-childproof, Tetris-style death trap of boxes and miscellaneous hazards.  But they were able to come for dessert - 'artisanal' apple pie and chococlate cheese cake by master baker Miss Frances, RN.    Once the little people woke up from the car induced snooze, they were in a party mood and a good time was had by all. Martha had moved the boxes around for safety and efficiency so we had room to maneuver.  A bunch of the girls' friends stopped by and a big gang was playing Apples to Apples.  So the day was a complete thanks-filled success!  (I admire how Fran can be over-worked, under the same stress as the rest of us and still do two pies with a beautiful lattice work on top.  I would have opted for a Mrs. Smith - as in, frozen - not my late mother - pie.  If I had even though ahead about dessert)

Now I'm back to packing etc.  Which in my estimation is far more fun than shopping on what I consider the worst shopping day of the year!

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