Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Little Up...A Little Down
After watching the usual Thursday night comedies, I let the TV roll on.  "Pop News" shows like Rock Center can be really the segment on Asperger's.  That was nice.  Especially since there are still a lot of people who haven't heard of Asperger's.  Nice.

Then... I walked back in on some interesting segment about education and character formation.  Nice, too.  Right up until they bring up that old child versus marshmallow experiment.  It's always given me the willies.  Even now, having seen the good character development of all my children. (And their delicate sense of smell shows we have no psychopaths!!!)  I just always had the feeling that some of my children would not only have taken the marshmallow but also would slit the throat of the person in charge and taken off down the highway with the whole bag of marshmallows. I've always had great expectations for my children, even if the expectations were negative. 

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