Thursday, September 27, 2012

Came home and went upstairs to shed the slightly pinchy ballet flats after spending a lot of time on my feet at the copier today.  I still am seeing a bright green spot in front of my eyes....there was that warning on the copier, but that doesn't apply to me, right? 

Then a building project appears outside my door.  I can hope that someone will at least be able to pass me some dinner over the barricades.  And I am a bit peckish tonight  - that's what I get for running out the door without my lunch and surviving on the slightly over-ripe banana that's been on my desk for three days and the occasional pass by the candy bowl at the front desk.  Mushy banana and five Hershey kisses is not really too filling.

Maybe I'll just stay here and read and write and watch my Thursday night stories.  Although it would be fun to slump in Eddie's favorite chair in the family room - which he graciously cedes to me - and watch stuff on the big screen TV with whoever is hanging out. 

I'm trying to be a little more social with the family, rather than always 'hiding' in my room.  And we now have some sort of thing for the TV in the family room.  Not Apple TV, but something similar, that allows us to also watch Netflix, Hulu+ and a  bunch of other stuff.  Including YouTube right on the big TV. 

I haven't finished the story of my New Zealand adventure - I keep forgetting to put it on the blog - but I'll share the one thing I don't want playing on the big TV in my presence (and not because of great humility, but great distorted pride):

I like watching the beginning of my talks at the Eucharistic Convention* in Auckland - introduced by the fabulous Philip Sherry, the Walter Cronkite of New Zealand.  He was so charming, holy and also a lot of fun.  To be introduced by such an esteemed celebrity was quite an experience.   I'm tickled that my family was able to watch my talks just by clicking on YouTube. 

But I just don't want to see it on the Big Screen.  I guess Gaga and I are seeing eye to eye again, this time on the body issue stuff.  The talks went really well - even when I veered into over-share mode (e.g., telling the "I licked a hot frying pan" story) - but...
  • Aaaargh - my arms really need work. 
  • My hair has no body - but at least I took it out of the perpetual pony-tail while I was speaking.
  • And I should have gone for  more vivid make-up. 
  • That kid in first grade who called me the sleepy-eyed girl was right.
  • And even though people say I have a nice voice - and my church secretary patter is pretty smooth - hearing my own voice makes me crazy.  
Well...I think there is a gap in the construction and I can make a break to visit Mrs. Murphy and grab some dinner.  But...being trapped in here has been productive.  They should barricade me in my room more often...

*the Eucharistic Convention in Auckland NZ for 2013 sounds fabulous.  Heather King will be there!!  And other great speakers.  I hate to use the overused word "amazing" - but it is a pretty amazing experience.  Going back to visit is pretty high on my wish list!  

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