Monday, October 01, 2012

Another Typical Monday....but never the same day twice.

  • Remember the health insurance episode of The Office when Dwight asks who in the office has “hot dog fingers”?  I think I have a case.  I just will never be able to do any more texting than tapping slowly with one sausage-y digit.  I had more than a few gaffs today - but only one misdirected email.  And nothing as egregious as the time I thought I was texting Fran and almost (a very thankful ‘almost!’) texted our pastor early on a Saturday morning, when he was recovering from a bad virus, to ask “Wanna go to Target with me?”  Those texts to Fran are dangerous, since starting with f - r also pulls up an array of priests all politely listed in my phone beginning with “Fr.”  [There was also the one I caught right before I sent one of the priests at my parish, “Would you mind throwing my pink comforter in the wash if you have the time?”]  Maybe I should just reclassify Franny as Miss Fran or something safer.
  • I like civilized family dinners around the dining room table.  But I’m enjoying a guilty pleasure -  eating in my room watching Bones while everyone else is having a football dinner in the family room.  Sitting there pretending to enjoy football was something that young, single Ellyn did.  I’m older, married and my loathing for football is not a secret.  Chairs are at a premium; party poopers need not attend.

  • I wrote a little something about St. Therese and Edith Piaf  And used a picture from my room that didn’t include a tiny violin.  Even remembered to dust before taking the picture!

  • There have been some car break-ins in our parking lot at work.  But nobody thought to steal the Pachinko game in the back of my not exactly well locked car.  Where is the justice?  I managed to set off the alarm getting in and the door wasn't even locked.  I didn't even know the car had a working alarm - what humiliation.
  •  I love Jesus and I’m quite fond of gnomes.  The twain should never meet.

Just when I think special interest nativities couldn't get any worse....

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