Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Think We Have a Problem
I surrendered in the battle of the Christmas tree.  It is up - with lights and red beads, awaiting an appropriate decorating time.  Festive.  I'm not saying I endorse this early tree business, but it is festive.  I'm not sure what Scrappy is going to do when the tree is fully decorated and presents are underneath.  He insists on burrowing into the "tree skirt"* for his winter's naps.  I know the floor gets cold...we've got to find a blanket for him.  His obesity/arthritis keeps him from jumping into bed with me...which I almost miss. 

*yes, it is made out of a chopped up tablecloth.  Classy.  A step up from the previous skirt, which was improvised out of a plaid flannel bed sheet.  I did look at a ruffled satin skirt at T.J. Maxx with a bit of temptation but it was ridiculously pricey, even at the 'off' price.  There was no way to justify that expense...especially for a glorified dog bed.

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