Sunday, November 27, 2011

More fun than a middle-aged lady should have.
 The Day After Thanksgiving.
That's what I call it.  Black Friday is acceptable as a description for those in retail.  But promoting it as if it were a legitimate holiday - perhaps more important than that pathetically antiquated, barely profitable, useless hold-over, Thanksgiving - and something of a secular holy day,  grates on my nerves sooo badly.  But not shopping on Friday is more of a mental health protective reflex for me, rather than a statement.  Crowds, rude crowds, traffic, rude drivers in parking lots...a million and one reasons to stay home. 
I hope no one is allergic - I hope, I hope, I hope.

But since I was home for the day, I did accept a lunch invitation from my husband.  He was also headed out to find birthday gifts for his parents.  My input was not needed, so I did jump at the chance to run into the craft store while he was shopping.  There is something so soothing about walking around the craft store when I don't need anything.   [In contrast to the emergency trips to the craft store for things like a styrofoam balls, rings, pins, sequins and glitter to create a giant mercury atom - the final price being close to its atomic number.] 

I found some interesting ideas for Christmas gifts.  Enjoyed being by myself and able to easily navigate the aisles blocked with knots of bickering mothers and daughters, indecisive shoppers and men whose presence radiated 'duress'.

And I came home with a few fun things.  We have a lot of those Safari Ltd. Toobs.  Educational.  I have always been overly fond of the Ancient Egypt Toob.  I'm no longer actively looking for these - I didn't know they had added any items to their catalog.  And then the Around the World Toob caught my eye.  You know, I can use it teach Lily and Maddie about the world.  And for now, it's more fun than a middle-aged lady should have with a bunch of little buildings.

The checkout had a display of Scentsicles.  I think they are aimed at people who are trying to disguise the artificiality of their artificial trees, thereby a moot point for us, right?  Especially since I don't like a lot of 'scents.'  The scented candle aisle in any store is something I try to avoid -  I can't discuss this further without needing to use words like "migraine" and "puke."  But...the clerk had a sample Scentsicle for me to try.  And it brought back those precious moments when the tree first comes in the house and the celebration of Christmas becomes imminent.  [And allow me another chance to repeat that when I was a child that happened on the morning of December 24!]  Sometimes nature could use a little nudge.  The tree can start to lose its fragrance; olfactory fatigue sets in.  But not this year.  The Scentsicles were half price!  They are now on my nightstand - a little whiff helps fend off the blues.  Like when I turn on the TV and they are blathering about Black Friday sales continuing all week-end. 

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