Friday, February 05, 2010

See What I Mean?

More life through the lens.
Meet "Duck.*" Duck's a husky. Duck moved in this week.
A very nice dog, except for the moments when she appears to want to kill Scrappy. (And I have it on sound authority that huskies are good with people, but will kill other animals on the farm. My sister had to guard her piglets in their infancy against the jealous, aged husky, Xena. May she rest in peace. Xena - not my sister. )

Love this picture. No flying fur. No weird howling. No guarding the door against escape attempts.

*Why Duck? I liked Bonnie. I'm no gangster crime spree fan, but if you already have a dog named Clyde... But she's Martha's dog and Martha wanted to change her name from "Snow." Snow, no. No, Snow. Too much confusion. So Duck she is!

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