Thursday, February 04, 2010

You've Been Warned...
I found the batteries for the camera.
It's not that the unphotographed life is not worth living, but the life examined through the lens is a bit more...attractive. My father, an avid photographer who had documented the minutiae of my existence in the way befitting a child with a darkroom in the basement, warned me not to look back on my life and realize that I had lived through the view finder.
That hasn't really been a problem. I quickly forgot darkroom techniques - including winding my own bulk black and white film - and over the years deteriorated to the extent that most photo-documentation of my family was done with disposable 35mm cameras. Film that only had about a 49% chance of being developed.

I inherited Dad's video camera and did have fun with that. I'm not especially proud to admit that there was a time when the kids would wear me out with their rambunctious behavior and I would only really 'enjoy' watching them at play...on 2:00am. While in the fray, I was distracted by the details of health, safety and organization. But on tape in the middle of the night I could savor the aesthetic appeal of the brood.

The miracle of digital photography presents further opportunity for the documentation of the mundane. All sorts of pictures that I wouldn't deem worthy of taking to the drugstore for processing; in the digital world they become significant. And if my surroundings are looking a little drab I find that they look better through the lens. Better and much less in need of dusting.

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