Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More World Deterioration
Andre Agassi cops to using crystal meth - how dangerous! how déclassé! - while I, who have not picked up a tennis racket with any serious intent in many years, have developed tennis elbow. In my left arm. (Which greatly limits phone answering and left-handed drinking while at work.)

The television is telling me what children want for the "holiday." Being old fashioned, I'm assuming the holiday at hand is Halloween. But, nooo, we've already skipped ahead to Christmas. (Judging from the wrappings and decorations in the commercial. Of course, they are too PC to name the holiday. But elves? Aren't they a bit of a give away? Unless they were just tiny Maccabees*. Thanksgiving? Isn't that the gateway to pre-Christmas preparation (outside of the Church's Advent)? One would think not...

I haven't even had my Christmas panic dream for the year. And that usually happens in July. But I did wake up sweating and gasping for breath this morning. Dreaming that it was Ash Wednesday and I hadn't prepared the liturgy sheets, etc. It's true what they say about not being able to read in dreams...I was pulling out files left and right, but couldn't quite find what I was looking for.

The township maintenance truck was in front of our house again - the workers gazing wistfully at the sinkhole around the storm drain.

Because of the travel plans for the weekend, I still have not done my big shopping for the fortnight. But I brought my Crocs to work with me, so I can slip into them on my way out and head straight to WalMart before I loose my ambition. Perhaps there should be some small reward for me...

It's Wednesday, the day the cleaning ladies clean our offices. I can't hear myself think for the whirring of the hoovers. And I could almost swoon from the lemony smells of the various cleaners and waxes. (I must always remember not to lean on any desks or handrails - they've all been waxed and are waiting to take me down.) Their attention to detail shames me and makes me wish I were a better homemaker. That usually fades by the time I'm home on Wednesday afternoon, disabused of my fantasies, working and schooling among those with
all the best attributes of the Nerd Herd, the Collyer Brothers and the cast of "Shameless."

*chocolate maccabees are a delightful substitute for elves in stockings on December 6. I know.

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