Monday, June 22, 2009

Sharks Are Like Serial Killers.
Just in time for the 4th of July.
Maybe I should print some of this out, just in case I get whomped again with a buzz-kill pep talk by my sister-in-law. I was busted last Fourth for letting my kids (OK, the baby is 14, alright!) watch Jaws. Like that was the worst thing the could have happened on the holiday week-end.
I, too, believe that every moment can be a teachable moment. But c'mon.

Jaws is a fun movie. I don't think it harms any of us living within walking distance of Lake Michigan and (for whom the Zebra Mussel is much more of a public menace) to just have some fun with a movie about a killer shark. But no, we need a little talk about how Peter Benchley lived out his last days in regret for giving the sharks a bad rep. Buzz Kill 101. This wasn't school - it was just fun. Well, except for a brief discussion on how a series of sequels can show marked, rapid deterioration. Jaws vs. Jaws 3-D. Discuss among yourselves.

The Shark - as Applicable to Our Situation

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