Monday, June 22, 2009

More Summer Thoughts

  • Tomorrow's shopping trip will not include any Colorful Songbird Seeds. That is waiting on the repositioning of the birdfeeder. All that chipmunk needs is some DHEA and anabolic steroids and he will be ready to take over running the household. Someone help him reach the outlet to plug in the Dyson.
  • A Butterfinger Buzz Bar is not a substitute for a healthy breakfast. I say this intuitively - I didn't actually try it. (Although it might have fit my collegiate regimen quite nicely. Wedged in somewhere between the whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter, lambrusco and gin.) Maybe in an emergency - with a glass of milk on the side. Maybe. (How did I ever come to know and take position of this bizarro choco-ceutical? They were handing them out on the streets of Chicago. Whose children would say no to handfuls of free, strange confections from strangers? Not mine.)
  • It's time to relearn doing papercrafts while sitting in front of a fan. Not as difficult as it sounds. It's the reading in front of the fan that dries out my eyes...
  • Everyone needs a remedial physics lesson. [AKA: The none too powerful fan on the central AC is already fighting hard to get any air to the second floor, so why are we blocking the only decent, large vent with dirty socks, undergarments (eeeew) and damp towels? Doesn't anyone see the folly? Anyone?]

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