Saturday, December 27, 2008

SnowReal...and other miscellany of the Christmas Season

n Yes. It is Snow Real. "...incredibly fluffy and glistening, feels just like real snow." Fascinating. I take a bit of exception with the "feels like real snow." More like 'feels what snow would feel like if it could be gluey and room temperature.' But the look is....stunning. A tablespoon of the powder makes more fake snow than we could possibly use in our house. It would be better if we could use it around the Christmas village or creche, but I don't think it belongs on fine wood surfaces. I must check the big, posh garden store for a marked down packet to send my sister for Christmas next year. As though people in the north woods needed to make fake snow.

n has been pretty nice in responding to my inquiries about that book order (I paid standard shipping, for heaven's sake!) that shipped from Forest Park, IL last Monday and is now languishing in a 'facility' in Missouri. They can't explain what happened or get it 'unstuck' from Missouri, but they've refunded my shipping, so that's a start. Yes, next year I won't cut it so close. I intend to by all my Christmas gifts from amazon and have them super-saver shipped by the second week in August.

n No more magnetic holy cards. Ever. Though the beautiful glitter assortment that Bridget gave me is calling out for a project. But there has to be some sort of moratorium on the glittered, magnetic holy cards. Starting on the day when I no longer find find glitter when combing my hair.

n I must figure out where this so-called "Gator Bowl" takes place. My niece is on her way, with her high school marching band. As a supportive aunt and purchaser of several virtual fundraising car washes I should find out more about it. My sister is in despair having received a text message from Anne passing through "Gorga." We're hoping it's Georgia and this unpleasant lapse is a function of texting on a moving bus. We hope.

n I keep having this feeling that I am forgetting something. Like the baby Jesus I hid behind the manger at work (with every intention of moving it out on 12/24). Loose end feelings. Maybe it's the glorious shock of having a new familiar member, complicated by pre-Christmas nerves and post-viral blahs. And the crazy weather.

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