Sunday, December 07, 2008

10 Most Fascinating Catholics of 2008
A meme from the Curt Jester.
(Just my opinion folks... 9 with admiration and the last with, well, fascination.)

1) Pope Benedict XVI
2) Cardinal Francis George
3) Fr. Robert Barron
4) Fr. Richard John Neuhaus
5) The ‘typical’ unsung archdiocesan priest
6) Ron Hansen
7) WFB, Jr., R.I.P
8) Heather King
9) Mark Wahlberg
10) The operative term is fascinating. So, yes, I find a certain sad fascinaion with this trifecta of unpleasant, disaffected, “raised” Catholic bad eggs: Bill Maher, Kevin Smith, Michael Moore.

I’ll tag the following, to find out what fascinates them:
TS of Video meliora...
Bill of Apologia
Fr. Daren
Any and all of the Summa Mamas


William Luse said...

I will actually try to find time to have some fun with this one.

MamaT said...

Mine's up.

dylan said...

I can't think of 10 famous fascinating Catholics who are still alive. Maybe with some effort ...

Bill White said...

You never know what you'll find at the other side of a link. Fr Daren is at St Anthony's in Effingham, where I went from '92-'96. We lived a few blocks down the street to the west at 310 W Virginia.

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