Saturday, November 12, 2005

I looked the wrong way and I lost my hand. He could make you look the wrong way and you could lose your whole head!
Martha is pleased to have a new job at the local Panera bread restaurant. The pizza girl thing just did not work out. I don't think I would have lasted as long as she did. (I don't mind handling multiple phone lines. But I don't have to take complicated pizza order from the chronically hard to please) She enjoys it so far and I'm relieved that she doesn't have far to travel for work. Working at the mall could have taken a heavy toll in gas department.

But I was seized with a moment of panic just before she was to start work. Eddie and I had stopped in for a bowl of soup and decided to pick up a baguette and a loaf of semolina bread before heading home. As the young lady behind the counter put the bread into the slicer, I had a sudden flashback from all the times I've watched Moonstruck. The restaurant began to spin and I hustled Eddie out the door and quickly home in hopes that I could catch Martha to warn her. No such luck. But she did stop by church to see me yesterday and I was able blurt out, "Don't forget Ronny Cammareri." To which the only possible reply was, "Oh, mother."

I know I worry too much. But I don't think I want to watch her slice bread. She can make me a cappuccino, but no slicing while I'm on the premises. Do keep the cinnamon crunch bagels coming...

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