Thursday, January 06, 2005

Big Purple Tactical Error!
In a new video to be distributed to 61,000 schools across the nation, homosexual activists are using popular children's TV characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Barney the dinosaur to surreptitiously indoctrinate young children into their lifestyle, a pro-family activist group charges.
I certainly wouldn’t want my children of ‘tender years’ indoctrinated with this crap. But the damage done by this video will be limited by the producers’ failure to realize that any child over the age of 4 is going to stop listening and start laughing (and not in a good way!) the minute they find out that Barney is involved. I have first hand experience that Barney fans are very quick to disassociate themselves with him. Very quick. (Want to torture a fifteen year-old? Remind him how cute he was in his beloved Barney T-shirt. He will quickly disavow any knowledge of Barney, aforesaid shirt, parents, siblings etc.)

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