Friday, November 19, 2004

Ouch....It only hurts when I laugh.

Fr. Sibley snaps me out of my rainy morning blues after a night fraught with funky and exhausting dreams. This story is so great - I can’t wait to get in to work to relate it. You all should go read it for yourselves.

Actually, things are good. Or should I say, they could be a whole lot worse. Our Irish Princess was in a car accident last night. But she’s OK. Shaken, stirred - but not physically harmed. We’re all a little tired after milling about in the wake of the initial adrenaline jolt. Dinner was late because Rick was cooking when Bridget called. He told Chuck to “keep an eye on the food.” Chuck, usually quite the cook himself, kept an eye on it but neglected to turn the heat down until I returned home late and asked what that burning smell was. Of course, I was so taken with the antique brass chandelier that Rick finally installed in the dining room that I didn’t notice that our paternal unit was missing. Until I asked, “So where is your father? I want to thank him for the chandelier.” Then Chuck broke it to me that Dad and Fran ran off to check out the accident. Once we knew that everything was OK we turned our attention back to dinner. Rick wanted to proceed with the meat sauce and spaghetti but I vetoed that on the grounds that a) meat is not supposed to be crunchy and b) my mouth still hurt from Wednesday’s root canal and I wasn’t about to press my luck with crunchy meat. So we ordered pizza from Martha’s place of work. She come home early. Business was slow and she checked out on the grounds of being rattled by her sister’s accident. The delivery man followed ten minutes later.

We didn’t get our girl out of the ER, debriefed and put to bed until almost eleven. (Her boyfriend drove through Culver’s on the way home from the hospital. In her shocked state she actually ate most of a ‘Butter Burger.’ She’s lucky to have such a sweet and attentive beau. And understanding, too. It was his car that she was driving. She had dropped him at his bowling league and was on her way back to our house. His mother was on her way to work as a pharmacist at the local hospital when she saw her son’s car and attendant emergency vehicles along the road. This was the first time Rick met Tom’s parents. Weird. Cordial, but weird.)
Eddie was still pretty wired, so I fell asleep watching the SpongeBob marathon with him. Between Squidward and the Italian panino that I ate at a late hour, it is little wonder that I had wacky dreams.

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