Monday, September 20, 2004

Award Shows.....

have an amazingly soporific effect on me. I did not find last night’s Emmy’s to be an exception to this rule. The gags were not all that funny and I haven’t seen any of the HBO stuff so I felt left out of a lot. Naturally I dozed off before I had a chance to see Arrested Development win for best comedy. What makes Arrested differrent from the other nominiated comedies is that it is funny. OK, Frasier could evoke a chuckle from me. What I saw of Friends left me stone faced. Sex and the City? Never actually saw it.....but clips didn’t strike me as amusing.

Rick thought Al Pacino looked awful. I thought he looked great. Now that he’s left behind the blond hair.... The kids were shocked to see Ron Howard without his baseball cap. Shortly before I fell into the arms of Morpheus I gave the group a quick tutorial on who Elaine Stritch is. (Heaven knows they would never have watched the Tony’s with me...) I liked her speech. It was sincere.

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