Sunday, November 16, 2003

Children should not be using cleaning products without adult supervision.*
I just saw the most unusual movie promo product tie-in. It was an ad for The Cat in the Hat and a variety of cleaning products. Strange. And it had the usual small print caveat warning that children should not be using these products without adult supervision. What? No "Professional cleaners on a closed course?"

I know why they are covering there posteriors. Posteriors must always be covered. And, for example, it is awful to wind up at the emergency room having dishwasher powder flushed out of a toddler's eyes. But we all can assume this didn't happen because the child in question was doing housework without supervision.

*Due to lack of parental example, this is highly bloody unlikely at my house. But anyone who wants to pick up the Swiffer without my supervision is welcome to do it. Just be careful.

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