Saturday, October 26, 2013

Room for One More

If you only have room for one more book - this is the one.
I'm not quite sure how to update our moving saga.  We're moving.  We might not be moving.  We might buy our place and stay put. (My preference - I'm busy, distracted, mentally tired and the idea of having the contents of the attic, basement, bookshelves and bureau drawers be the problem of my heirs at some future date is quite appealing.) Now the move is back on.  And my plans for this week-end consist mainly of boxing books.

Book temptations have been held at bay.  I usually buy few, if any, books for myself from the September Library Friends' book sale until my Christmas shopping is completed.  The pleasure of buying books as gifts is enough to satisfy my book buying urges.  This year I even passed on the used book sale, with the knowledge that this is not a good time to bring more bags of books into the house.

But... (as said in "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", and a deeper thought than one might find in a film that Gene Siskel gave 0 stars, "But what? Everyone I know has a big "But...? ... let's talk about your big "But".) I made one exception to the book buying ban.  And it was a good choice.

George Weigel came to speak at our parish last night. Marvelous.  Absolutely marvelous.  And I didn't do anything to disgrace myself or my employer.  I told a friend on the event committee that I hoped I wouldn't say something really stupid.  Something along the lines of, "Mr Weigel, the last time you shook my hand I didn't wash it for two weeks!"  No, I did not.

But... I don't really like going through the ordeal of spelling out my name for people.  I should have just had him sign the book to Chuck & Eddie.  Or maybe my sister; if he could add a line like, "Join us - resistance is futile."  But conversion is best not done through implied threats by famous authors.  And rather than go through the whole, "It's Ellyn - with a y" business, I reached in my purse for something with my name on it.  Not going to use my work business card.  Just didn't feel right about that.  Couldn't grasp my personal biz card.  And that would have really felt self-promotional.  So I handed him my drivers license.  He was so gracious.  Not just getting my first name right, but writing my whole name.

For the most part, I've given up on getting my name spelled correctly.  Unless it's a legal document, I don't care.  Ellyn, Ellen, L-N, I don't care.  Fifty some years of making sure people get it right has left me less, rather than more, concerned with the spelling.  Though I am still a bit miffed about the Kindergarten teacher who asked us to stand when she held up a card with a name.  But left me and a girl named Evelyn for the end and said we most likely couldn't tell them apart.  Don't know how Evelyn felt, but I am still annoyed about that incident.

Last night was splendid.  Many people heard a great talk.  A good number of us supported our local independent bookseller which had a table at the reception.  I expedited Mr. Weigel's signing my book. (although it's not like I wanted it made out to "Romancea Lady Tasty Maxibillion")  I didn't mention not washing my hand or exhibit any other kind of tween fan girl behavior.  And I came home with a great book.  If I'm not packing books, this is the one I'll be with!

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TS said...

Fwiw, I much prefer "Ellyn" to "Ellen".

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