Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Two Steps Forward...One Step Back

On the Road to Golgotha:  Two Steps Forward...One Step Back
'Good' news on the Bridget front.  No definite diagnoses....except for nodules on the tendons in her hands.  Back to the rheumatologist in two weeks and for now prednisone  and pain killers.  Some people have done their best work while taking prednisone.   Flannery O'Connor.  Me.  (Seriously - the prednisone really helps.  Except for the doctor always dangling the spectre of avascular necrosis in my so-called 'good' hip in front of me....but I digress.)  So, we're happy that Bridget is OK for now.  Still feels like crap, but that is better than the imminent death sentence* she was expecting. 

*that Irish melancholy streak from her mother - what can I say?

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William Luse said...

I hope they can figure this out. Peace of mind for both of you would be nice.

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