Saturday, April 27, 2013

Take Someone to Work Day

Take your Daughter to Work Day (or whatever it is now called) has come and gone.  Our little Lily, complete in her own custom-fit pink scrubs, had quite the day helping at her daddy's office.  I suppose the next time I see her she'll ask if I'm remembering to floss daily!

Alas, no one went to work with me.  Although a few of my work friends and I came to the conclusion that if we could bring our spouses and make them sit bound and gagged in the corners of our offices for a day they might have an idea of why we come home exhausted, head-achy, and unable to totally articulate the stresses of the day.  Maybe next year...

I used to take my daughters to work; more as my own statement to society about the importance of "mothers' work".  The girls were, of course, delighted to have any excuse to skip school, even if mother's work was not particularly exciting. If I were more savvy, I would have put them in charge for the day, letting them run everything except for the endless driving for drop-offs and pick-ups. (if the school system found us suspect for pulling some of the children out to homeschool, stunts like this probably sealed the deal) 

Eddie did once go to work with me for half a day, just because his father was out of town.  He sat at my desk with coloring books etc. (pushing paper just like mom) So far he hasn't expressed any interest in becoming a church secretary.  :-( 

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