Thursday, April 18, 2013

Out of Practice

I have a good work rep for making top notch posters  - this is not one of them.
It's been a long time since I've made anything resembling a protest sign!  But seeing the number of children interested in stomping in the ponds that appeared in the street, I was moved to put up some warnings. (And maybe shame the Township people who thought the problems on Smith Avenue could be solved by quickly probing the storm drains....even though they have known for years that there are massive rocks blocking the storm sewers.)  Given the number of homes on our street who have had to solve the sewage problems by siphoning the effluent into their sump pumps, which are just sending the sewage into the yards which are draining back into the street...etc.  No one should be hopping in these puddles.

Since I already had to make a run for bleach, Lysol, and other necessary disaster clean up items, it was easy enough to pick up some neon poster boards.  I think they are helping.  A couple little kids got off of the school bus, looked at the sign and just walked on.  I'm a little worried about the fellow who looked to be about 12.  He studied one of the signs.  And then walked to a deep part of the 'lake' and just stood there.  Is he illiterate?  Does he not care about what e. coli and heaven only knows what he may track into his home?  Someone else gave him a word to move along before I opened the window to yell something along the lines of, "What part of fecal matter don't you understand?"  Obviously my little sketches of e. coli weren't scary enough.

And yes - there were fish.  I don't even know where fish would have come from.  Fish?

3 gallons of bleach, one cheap mop to dispose of at the end of the day, a bottle of Clorox cleaning spray, one aerosol can of Lysol, a jumbo box of Clorox wipes, 3 neon yellow poster boards....?  A necessary expense.

The chance to be a "please don't play in the $#!+ laden water" community activist?  Priceless!!

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