Thursday, April 18, 2013

Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control

Two day stay-cation has been expanded to a third.  Not so much fun today. 

Fran woke me up at 4:00am to let me know that the storm sewers were overloaded to the extent of spillage into the sanitary sewers.  (i.e. - "OMG - there's sewage coming up the laundry sink!)  The township sent someone with a pole to poke in the storm drains; same thing they do every time this happens.  No one understands (or wants to understand) that the storm drains on our side of the street do not empty anywhere.  Anywhere!!!  Fran has been on the phone all morning with various local entities (who are also worrying about the Des Plaines River flooding north of here); everyone refers her to the North Shore Sanitary District.  Of course, the NSSD has had their phone off the hook since 5:00am.  Even the Sheriff's Dept. cannot get through to them. 

We're doing OK - as long as we can keep draining the sink into the hole drained by the sump pump. 
What's really icky is that a bunch of people on our street have this sewage draining into their yards...and the water all runs towards us and then the neighbor to our east.  They have well water.  I don't think you need to call in the CDC to question why this might be a problem.  They also have sewage coming out of their washing machine.

And then there is the flooding and sinkhole in Chicago.  So it could be worse for us. 

Oh, well.  Time for a bleach run.  

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