Friday, March 29, 2013

Fiat voluntas tua
And that includes lost faxes, mixed up paper work and delayed doctor's appointments.
The lab never faxed the results of the fifteen different tests, weren't picking up their phone and by the time she drove to the lab, waited to get a hard copy* and returned to the doctor's office (with a delay caused by a Good Friday procession!), the doctor had to leave for the day.  So she goes back on Tuesday - a painful and doubt laden reprieve. 

*When Irish blood is boiling....she was told to take a number and had to wait while they took care of some people in for their STD tests.  Not to say that STDs shouldn't be diagnosed and treated, but the blood work was done last week, the lab bungled the faxing and then she was told to wait for her number to be called.  Irish blood is not dulled by illness - she 'pressed' the issue with the person at the desk.  Not that it got her back to the doctor's in time.

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