Sunday, September 09, 2012

I Can’t.  I Just Cannot.  Can Not.
There seems to be a bit much bitter bile flowing here lately.  It’s been a bit pent up.  So I’ll just dangle a hint about a future post... Do you have any idea how difficult it is to express one’s dissatisfaction (or better yet, rage) in an online survey in 250 characters or less?  I had a shopping experience that was worse than the usual WalMart chaos.  I am so happy I managed to work my way to the pharmacy counter to present my bona fides so I could buy my 24 generic pseudoephedrine tablets (thanks, meth heads!)  The pharmacy receipt had a survey invitation.  The receipt from the 50 minute main checkout ‘experience’ had no such thing. 

  • Yes, I know I shouldn’t be doing these jaunts on the Sabbath.
  • Yes, I am aware of all of the evils of WalMart. (I was with my sister when she had to cut  WalMart tags off of sweats for my dying father, when he was too weak to get dressed.  Smiths may become weak, but some of us don’t yield our principles as easily as I do.)
  • Yes, I think it is worthwhile to call the manager on my lunch hours tomorrow.  And I won’t forget to mention Ebony, the clerk who was the ultimate example of grace under pressure.  The bright light in the whole experience. She should get a medal.


dago red said...

i agree w/ the usual walmart critique however:

they'll hire just about anybody - having worked for catholic charities - detox - people coming out of program/recovery - usually walmart would hire them - also for in between if you can't find a job (me)

i'm on food stamps - not shopping at walmart is kind of a luxury from my point of view

Ellyn said...

Exactly! My WalMart drives me nuts - but I always seem to be there when things are hitting the fan, so to speak. But when people tell me how awful WalMart is, they are coming from the perspective of being able to buy TP, detergent, groceries etc from wherever they wish. Its rough enough worrying about getting by without being told I am an awful Christian for shopping there.

For us, living pretty much hand to mouth, it is a Godsend! And when I am feeling pretty grim about my shopping trip, there is always the singing Greeter to lift my spirits. When she sings "Thank you...." I want to sing my reply - but chose not to torture anyone with my tone-deaf voice.

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