Friday, August 26, 2011

I've Got to Admit it's Getting Better...
The low-grade depression that has hung over me most of the summer is suddenly lifting.  (I've heard of people who get a variant of SAD in the summer, what with the heat, humidity and all, but I don't think that was it.)   No energy, little inspiration, reading could be taxing though I also had week-ends when I would tear through a book or two.  I'd start reading when I really wanted a nap but wanted to look like an engaged member of the human race.  And then I'd be sucked into the plot and couldn't stop. 

And writing?  Well, it's obvious the blog has become as dusty as the bookshelf in the header picture.  Short emails and Facebook quips have been the most that have interested me.  But now it's getting better.  I'll stop blaming my office move or the humidity or my ongoing dental woes* and accept that my prayers have been answered and . . . it's getting better. 

I'm still trying to get everything organized in my office.  We moved two doors down and everything was scrambled enough to make me feel that we had moved to another state.   And the "booksplosion" that took place when Fran put new flooring in the upstairs hallway is almost totally rectified.  The first day I cleared my bed and a small path so I could get out of my room.  It was only one shelf of books, but I must have had a ton of them wedged in there.  Two of the shelves could be moved with books inside - but that third just had to be emptied. When I came home and saw the beautiful new floor, I said "Ooooh" (voice going up) and then when I saw my room it was "Ooooh" (voice trailing off).   This was a good opportunity to do a thoughtful reshelving.  There is still an odd stack of books near my door but I'll deal with those soon.   The days of slumping home from work and spending most of the evening watching police procedural dramas on the TV are tapering off.  (Criminal Minds is hard to let go of.)

The neon pink labels I used as my personal tag during the office move were wishful thinking.  But I'm glad that when I was given paint swatches from which to chose I took the Daytona Peach rather than some of the other colors like Moldy Mushroom or Flat Champagne.  The final result was substantially peachier than I expected.  I think I am the only person in the building who appears to have taken her inspiration from the Pottery Barn Teen catalog.  But it is good. Suitable.  Peachy.

Daytona Peach
*And in the blame-o-rama, I blamed some of my dental woes on the move. Nothing like knitting all my angst into one big blob.   Didn't want to take off any crucial days to have the lost crown glued back in.  And then it must have been some sort of stress bruxism that cause a big filling to fall out on the day of the biggest part of the move.  And blah, blah, blah...
The novena to  Our Lady Undoer of Knots that appeared on Facebook couldn't have come along at a better time.  I think it was from one of  Two Sleepy Mommies,

Our Lady Undoer of Knots

I'm painting my room in a colorful way,
and when my mind is wandering
there I will go 
And it really doesn't matter if I'm wrong
I'm right where I belong
I'm right where I belong

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Dorian Speed said...

Moldy Mushroom always makes me look washed-out. I prefer Toasty Toadstool.

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