Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Want it Dead. I want its Family Dead...
Well, if I'm on a tangent of movie quotes for any occasion, let me tell you about my fantasy charity dedicated to the eradication of the Cottonwood tree.  Genus, species, family, whatever.  Every spring these otherwise insignificant trees drown our neighborhood (and suffering neighborhoods like it, across the globe) in this messy, irritating and highly allergenic fluff.   The sneezing, the weezing, the sore throats and headaches.  And some unfortunate person at this address once actually twisted her ankle when she tripped on a damp clump of the fluff.  (Need I mention a name?)  You know how little kids like to grab those fluff angels out of the air, make a wish and blow it away?  Well, I have a wish...
Fallen angels.  Very fallen.

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