Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh, to Bring Order Out of Chaos
Our library plans are moving along.  Though it's not looking like what I had in mind.  (I had envisioned something along the lines of the picture to the left; naturally I have set myself up for disappointment.)  And as we try to weed, shuffle, consolidate and move the books they seem to be expanding.  New shelves, books dropped off for the library sale and still chaos everywhere. gradually, we will have everything grouped according to subject.  Sort of. 

Even in the disorder I usually have a good idea of the approximate location of any particular book.  Except for the one I really, really needed this afternoon. 

I'm thinking I should use my LibraryThing account to make a note of where books are (i.e. basement library, bedroom black bookshelf, upstairs hallway north wall etc. )  We'll see.

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Bill White said...

Back when we had our books in order, I started labeling them with their Library of Congress catalog numbers. It was quite enjoyable to find related books all together in one place and make unexpected connections between them.

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