Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To be honest, I'm surprised it took this long...

It has been nine days since our glittery ornament making extravaganza.  Oh, the tourmaline, garnet,  and lapis lazuli. Everywhere.

Despite our best efforts to return all excess to their respective bottles, a lot of glitter escaped. (That's the funny thing...very little glitter can be a lot.)    We're seeing in everywhere.  One of the girls noticed that her father has been walking around today with a generous highlight of gold on one of his ears; clearly the result of his having to pass too closely to the ornaments still hanging on the line near his place at the dinner table.

I'm having a bit of Catholic Icing envy. [ Be sure to check out the Legos for Catholic kids.]  And I thought a glitter party would help.  I've never taken the glitter out for a group to share.  I've only used it while locked in my room, measuring it out with the accuracy of someone handling plutonium.  But Emily's need of more ornaments for this year's bigger tree coupled with the Rubbermaid bin of clear and silver ornaments that the non-fun people across the street put on the curb presented the perfect opportunity. 

I accept that the twinkling results of our work will be with us for a long time.  Emily had an appointment with the eye doctor today.  Guess what he found in her eye?  A lovely piece of the garnet glitter. 

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