Wednesday, July 07, 2010

while I was not dodging a turkey trying to throw itself under the wheels of my car. Or avoiding making eye contact with Ducky the husky. And looking for that misplaced $1000 face cream for the actinic keratosis on my forehead. (Yes, 0ne thousand dollars. That's half of what we paid for the Jeep! If only the box that the cream comes in would be half the size of the Jeep. [OK, $957, but let's just round it up for shock value.] The insurance company would pay once but I don't think they'll spring for it again if the dog eats it. Of course that might cure the dog problem. Just another Shouts & Murmurs essay, folks.) I did manage to write another post for Fr. Barron. A subject of great familiarity - the teenage feminine soul curvatus in se, the industry which perpetuates it and the true remedy.

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