Friday, June 18, 2010

Time for some serious blogging.
I know some serious blogging is on the horizon because I abruptly gave up the idea of long, glamorous fingernails*. Fingernails that can slow a girl down. And cause some unfortunate typos; at home and work. On any and all keyboards.

I've taken inspiration from my sister and decided to document an inspiring view through the seasons. She stops her car at an exquisite spot along the way to her children's school and takes beautiful pictures. The view of the cottonwood from my bed is good enough for me. Those canine nose prints give it a nice soft focus effect. My original idea was to take a picture every morning. That didn't work out. Day two found me lacking enthusiasm. As did days three, four and five. Weekly sounds good. Or biweekly.

* - umm, that would be fingernails that are maybe about an eighth of in inch past the end of my finger. A quarter inch and I feel like some sort of Dragon Lady. Half an inch and it feels like Guinness World Record time.

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