Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Chaos Usually Makes Sense to Me
But right now I wish I had prevailed up a certain young lady with a Masters in Library Science to help me get my scattered bookshelves in order. Now she has two tiny bookworms of her own and no time to help her foundering* mother. On occasion I have tried to have designated bookshelves for certain topics but that quickly goes awry. The need to squeeze books where they fit is too great. And there is "Ellyn's hierarchy of books" based on what should be closest to a) my bedroom reading chair b) the school table c) the dining room table.**

Maybe I could take a few days of vacation time to move every book to the living room and then get several minions to act as runners as I classify, assign places and cull. Maybe. Sounds like one incontinent dog away from disaster to me... For now I will just try to recover the memory of where I placed a particular volume.

*I went to to look up founder, since I so often confuse it with flounder. Today I think both words would be apt. But founder works. 5 of 6 definitions. There is no water rising at the current time.
1)to fill with water and sink
2)to fall or sink dow
3)to become wrecked; fail utterly
4)to stumble, breakdown or go lame, as a horse
5)to become ill from overeating
6)Veterinary pathology: (of a horse) to suffer from laminitis.

Hey, don't try to tell me I don't have laminitis.

** I come from a long line of people who like to keep reference works handy to settle mealtime disputes.

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