Monday, November 16, 2009

O Clavis David...
Yes, for the rest of you it is Monday, November 16. But I am soon off to my magical world where it is the fourth Sunday in Advent. (or even 4:00pm on December 24th, if I am answering email from altar server parents who are eager for the plum assignments.) The vesper song sheets are pretty much done - after correcting the unfortunate canticle swap - needing only some artwork and final paste-up. Oh, what we could do with a color copier!!!

But, anyway. The (free) artwork that I am in search of is just not that plentiful in this instance. [Take my advice...using key of David as a search term will only find you a lot of Star of David keychains. Well, that could have a certain humorous je ne sais quoi; unfortunately I'm not being paid to be funny. Though I do offer that as a free service when appropriate.]

My mind is all over the place, while trying to keep Advent and Christmas preparations going on the homefront. Not just watching Amazon wish lists, but keeping an eye out for the stray Halloween decoration. That skull dangling from the dining room chandelier is starting to look...awkward. And the 2011 Mass book has arrived and it will be time to start writing the times in. Thinking about Christmas scheduling while thinking about Good Friday 2011 can give one the head spins. You won't find me criticizing the Boss! I mean, I know I'm in Illinois, but I'm not always sure of the day or year.

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