Monday, November 16, 2009

Not that I Care
I was wondering if the New Moon movie premiere was timed for an actual new moon. The moon phase gadget on my iGoogle (there mostly for fun, but there are times it does predict an uptick in weird calls at work. And maybe at home.) says the moon is new. And there is no way I could not avoid hearing about that movie. So?

As for me? I'm waiting for my chance to see Fantastic Mr. Fox. I've forgiven Wes Anderson for The Darjeeling Limited. OK, I shouldn't be mad that it didn't live up to my expectations - so it was no Royal Tenanbaums.

I read a good critique of 2012 in Entertainment Weekly. The author, who I can't quote without moving the dog to find the magazine, had my thoughts exactly (including the use of the word "destructo-porn," which I thought I had coined - but, whatever...) and I guess both of us were dismayed to see what a tremendous box office take it had this week-end. Blech. How sad that people would be entertained by a concept that uses millions of lives as collateral damage for a thrill show of "what would it look like if XXX fell over, blew up, fell into the ocean?" There is a certain thrill in watching a huge pumpkin catapulted across a field or an old hotel imploded, but this movie takes that part of the human psyche and panders to it with porn...destructo-porn.

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