Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Before I Wish You All a Happy Thanksgiving...
here is the Cranberry Ice recipe that I may have promised last year.
My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Cramer, contributed this to a class cookbook. We made it once and it then became a Smith family tradition. Karen made her family's batch yesterday; it's nestled in the freezer, near the venison she hopes to never cook. I just finished the boiling and pressing without incident. (The cast iron frying pan mis-grab with silicone potholder is still fairly fresh in my mind. Caution is the word of the moment.) We usually serve this in sherbet glasses as a light, fresh palate clearing accompaniment. It also is good with 7Up or champagne to make a shrub. it is. From Mrs. Cramer, Barat College class of 1948 to me, Barat College class of '78 to you:
  1. Make a simple syrup, boiling 1 qt. of water with 2 C. sugar for 5 minutes
  2. Wash 1 qt. (a 12 oz. package) of fresh cranberries and cook in 1 1/2C. water until their skins burst.
  3. Pour through sieve into the syrup. Press everything through the sieve. (there will be very little waste)
  4. Cool and pour into a bowl which can go into the freezer.
  5. Whip once or twice after freezing.
  6. (If you have a KitchenAid mixer, just pour it all into one of the metal mixing bowls, freeze and then snap it into the mixer and use the paddle beater.)
  7. Bringing to the table in a pre-chilled Armetale bowl helps to keep it cold.

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Kimora said...

A Kitchenaid appliance makes everything easy.

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