Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace prize for giving everyone 'hope?'
Marge Simpson will pose nude in Playboy?
Last night's "Office?"*

How many times can you say "scrotum" on TV and not make me laugh? Am I the only person who was somewhat psyched for the one hour wedding of the year episode - only to be disappointed? That bad taste in my mouth wasn't from the single slice of cake that I picked up for my own private party. (The cake was worth it, just to enjoy Martha's near cataplectic collapse in the bakery aisle at Dominick's. I thought I had lost the knack for horrifying my family, but the mere admission that I was buying a piece of cake to celebrate the nuptials of "my imaginary friends" - to quote Miss Martha - was a coup. Hey, it's not like I dressed up. Or threw rice at the TV.)

One of The Office's strengths is the ability to say so much with a subtle raised eyebrow or puzzled smile. That is exactly what was missing last night. Much was painted with broad, clumsy strokes. Not that I didn't laugh at all. But I didn't laugh as much as I had hoped. Did you watch? Did you like the part where Angela's participation in a parody of that goofy YouTube wedding video was to walk straight down the aisle with her usual dour expression? Now that was priceless! (Perhaps I 'relate' too much...)

And Jim's toast was touching. Close to too perfect. But Michael threw the antidote on. Threw it on fast and raw. (Please don't say, "That's what she said.")

*Final verdict? Phyllis' wedding was funnier.


Betty Duffy said...
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Betty Duffy said...

Glad to see someone call out The Office last night. I knew it was going to be a cheesy one just because of the music they played in the commercial previews. Any time they frame a sitcom episode as the "moment you've all been waiting for" or "A very special" episode, you know it's going to be terrible.

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