Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Kind of Mother...
before leaving for work, grabs an industrial size Sharpie marker and writes "You are a bunch of PIGS" on the window above the kitchen sink?
And then, before going out the front door, turns back and adds "Nasty, nasty pigs."*

Clearly not a mother of young children with delicate psyches. (Nor a mother who did a very good job when her progeny were young.) Maybe a mother who has returned from work at 8:00pm and found, for the second night in a row, that her family appears to have gone feral. A mother who can't wait to get to work. Because no matter how tedious or pointless her job may be, at least she can walk through the rectory without stepping in mystery substances. And the garbage there is taken out before it becomes a hazmat crisis.

*Don't worry - Sharpie is easily removed from glass. And it beats my first inclination, which was to grab some paint and write "HELTER SKELTER" on the living room wall.

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