Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Summer Thought
I am told this is the summer of the "stay-cation."
Is the $420 a night "Pirates in the City" package at the Four Seasons what the average stay-cationing family is looking for? Or am I just being cheap?

OK. I'll admit it. It does sound like fun. Except that we would need a family suite (minimum of $820). And more than one night, just to make it worth our while. So, let's budget $2500. No - wait - bump that up since some of the 'children' are adults. But there are the compelling amenities. Pool. A Nintendo Wii. Free Wi-Fi. An age-appropriate children's treat. (Good heavens, Chuck is twenty. Perhaps an age-appropriate treat would be not to be stuck in a hotel suite - no matter how posh - with his family.) A special rate on tickets to the Real Pirates exhibit at the Field Museum is included, but we're already members eligible for free tickets, so maybe we'll just use those and bunk at home. And save about $4,000 - hadn't calculated for meals for those of us over twelve.

Though that complimentary in-room visit from the Hotel's Ice Cream Man between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm does have a certain allure.

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