Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One would think...
that after a three day week-end we'd all be at our best.
But we all are stuck between the end of the fine green tree pollen and the onslaught of the cottonwood 'snowstorms.'

And the cottonwood is really late this year. If it were a warmer spring the annoyance would have already peaked. Of course, if it were a warmer spring I would have washed and stored the down comforter by now and I certainly wouldn't still be sleeping in Lanz flannel.

  • Lilyanne went on her first vacation. Her mother called me to say that Lily had lunch at the Library of Congress. What was served? Look under RJ216.W72. (That must be a highpoint in a librarian's life. To provide lunch at the Library of Congress.)

  • The "have Channel 9 broadcast from your funky living room" contest appears to have ended before we could enter. And I had even found the perfect picture of our group:

Our Spacious Living Room and a third of the fabulous family.

(There's room to broadcast a TV show. Now that the Christmas tree is down.)

  • Did I mention the weather is getting me down? I'm like Goldilocks. I don't like it too hot. And I don't like it too cold. I'm happy when it is just right. And I'm trying to work and think and whatnot, but it's not happening. So I thought it might be a good time to reach into my bag for some more serious pain relief (now that I've already taken 800mg of ibuprofen.) But I can't remember if I have taken anything. I remember reaching into my bag, the phone ringing, then the cleaning lady wanted to hoover my office. And I don't remember if I chucked the meds in my purse or took them. And I'm not that anxious to risk a double dose of the maximum dose. Not at work. At work at a church that would not allow Candle in the Wind to be sung at my funeral. So I'll just keep running hot water over my hands to alleviate the major discomfort.
  • It is hard to get back in a routine after a week-end of binge reading and video watching. Benjamin Button and Hotel for Dogs were equally believable. (And I still don't understand what all the Brad Pitt fuss is about.) And I can't say I enjoyed the Jon & Kate + 8 premiere. Really, if I want uncomfortable family dynamics I know where to find my own.

And while I'm ruminating...
...just where do interoffice envelopes go? Are they in limbo with the mate-less socks?
...breathing the noxious fumes from the copier is disgusting. I don't even want to remember what I've read about the dangers of toner in the air.
...great...our altar wine supplier just called with the usual 'shipment has been delayed' excuse. It's always something. Strikes, snafus, Somali pirates, whatever. So he'll ship two cases UPS. And they'll pay the shipping. They'd better pay. A case of 750ml bottles could be sent in a cab for the same amount as UPS. But people are pretty good about these things when they want to keep your business. Like the supplier who forgot to ship the extra ashes (at $12 a packet) for Ash Wednesday and wound paying $13.50 in express mail charges to get them to us by Fat Tuesday.


Bill White said...

There goes another pious illusion. I still assumed a parish's ashes were 'homemade' with a fire out back and last year's palms.

Ellyn said...

Oooops...sorry to let that slip.
We do burn the last year's palms but the ash is very pale and so it is mixed with commercial ashes (which the 'manufacturer' vows is made with palm ash) that have a black dye added to make them more visible. So it is technically on the up and up. (And the fact that they are readily available from all major religious goods houses must mean that most other parishes do the same as we do.)

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