Thursday, December 11, 2008

And It Holds My Head Together!
I gave away my Christmas sweater in a fit of summer tidiness. It took up too much room. The ration of aggravation to pleasure was not satisfactory. I don't miss having one, even when everyone else at work is arrayed in their finest Christmas-wear. My office, in this old building with hot and cold spots, always about 87 degrees. My baptism in the Jordan 'church fan' is on my desk year round. (But I am NOT - repeat NOT - complaining. For two good reasons. 1) I don't want to be a complainer. 2) I could be easily moved to a basement office - where it's always freezing - which would deprive me of my view, both inward and outward.)

Fran has expanded her sewing empire into cloth headbands. So I requested a "holiday" headband suitable for work. Now I can let my hair down, so to speak, and be in the holly-jolly spirit, too.

And it holds my head together for those moments when it feels like it is about to go into orbit.
E.g.: An altar server request for a certain Mass in the church, December 24, 2009!

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