Friday, November 28, 2008

long after the clean-up, the happy memories linger.

[Dad was given a pass on the plaid jacket since I allowed his favorite sweater to be fouled and had failed to wash it in time.  And he was cooperating with the whole "Please don't bring your ugly red cup to the table" thing.]

The Proust questionnaire - complete with James Lipton style blue note cards - was a smash.  It kept the conversation lively and more or less civil.  Remember guys, no card says, "What fault do you most despise in the person next to you?" And "How would you like to die?" does not presuppose an assassination attempt or paid hit.

The cards worked so well that the girls pulled them back out when their friends dropped by later in the evening.  And it has been suggested that the questions be expanded for next time.

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