Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I was mayo this morning...

You Are Hot Sauce

You are the life of any party, because you're so good at bringing people out of their shell.

You have a knack for helping people happily embrace their true selves.

You are ambitious, driven, and fearless. You love taking risks.

Your taste in food is 100% adventurous.

You're up for sampling any exotic cuisine or someone's kitchen experiments.

You live for trying new things, and you get sick of eating the same food (even if it's very delicious).

I reconsidered my options and tried again.
(As a wayward Wisconsinite, I must say that any quiz that asks a "what do you bring to a barbecue" question and does not offer 'brats' as an answer is intrinsically flawed.)

Thanks to the SummaMamas.

1 comment:

dylan said...

Hot sauce, whether I select conservative or libertarian ...

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