Friday, September 05, 2008

I Like Her Hair
I wish my hair looked that good.
Plus ca change... as usual.

*It's the piddling criticism in the political coverage that wears out my interest. Fast. And the petty suspicions. Like the suspicion that the Palin family passed the baby around for "the cameras." It looked quite regular to us. Eddie, our 'baby emeritus,' was held constantly for months - years? - by many arms.

*There's a big difference between representing and pandering. Sarah Palin "didn't mention the middle class?" Did she have too?

*My sister is still annoyed by the Republicans. Though, I must say, not as viciously as usual. And this week she had more reason than usual to be annoyed, since she works close to the Convention venue and getting to work has been a can of worms. I asked her if that was where we saw Clapton. She thinks it was where we saw Springsteen in '99, but I think I'm right.

*Television is still 99% vast wasteland. The last time I was this afflicted in the middle of the night was a day after my hip surgery. AMC had "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte" in the middle of the night to distract me. Tonight, after bad dreams involving Christmas, going to the circus/ice show at the Milwaukee Arena, bad planning for Christmas and cloth diapered babies with no plastic pants ruining my Christmas plans, I need a distraction from the bruxism induced headache. What's on TV, besides vulgar infomercials? "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte." Plus ca change...

*Watching TV at 3:00am does give credence to the saying that that is Satan's hour.
He'd doing a hell of a job with the advertising. A good example, via The Curt Jester. I've been spared this attrocity, tho Rick saw it. And hoped it was a bad dream. You know, like the morning he woke up to VH1 playing "I Kissed a Girl."

*Napping before dinner is a bad idea. Especially if dinner is at 5:30.
Prayer has lapsed into kvetching. Examining my conscience has segued into blaming others for my shortcomings. My prayer now is, "Lord, make me drowsy."

*I am often asked questions and to perform tasks "beyond my pay grade." And I deliver. But my "pay grade?" Plus ca change...

*I should be counting my blessings. Everyone is well. All the appliances are working. If I can get to the bank in the morning I should be able to dodge any more overdrafts.
The dogs are quiet. The phone's not ringing.
And we're getting to that time of year when a I use my Christmas ornaments as a sleep-soothing device. Mentally envisioning them, one at a time...

*Oh, wait, I just heard a drug ad. I'd better just turn everything off and go back to bed. I feel a rant coming on. All I need now is a politician pandering to my health care concerns. I know I could be worse off...but then I think about my specialist, who spends about thirty seconds with me, writes some prescriptions and tells me to come back in a few weeks. At least he will see me, unlike the Dr. I was referred to but doesn't accept my health care plan. So I'll hold back on my suspicions about the amount of time his office staff spends booking lunch and breakfast dates with drug reps.

Now there's a guy with a bad dream. He's worried about his life insurance. Sex, drugs, death, money. Satan, indeed.

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