Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning von Hubenland Quiz

1. Who said: “She’s imaginative, clever, educated. She knows how to behave...”
a My boss about me.
b Karl Lagerfeld about Carla Bruni
c Fran about her dog.
d Me, about any one of my daughters at any one time.
e All of the above.

2. Why don’t I care about resurfacing our driveway? Especially since I spoke with such envy about the newly resurfaced church parking lot.
a I don’t care.
b Sounds like work. Malodorous work. Call me when it’s over and I’ll bring my skateboard.
c I just don’t care.
d It’s not my driveway. That doubles my anti-stake in not caring.
e All of the above.

3. How will I be spending my spare time during the convention?

a Netflix!
b Waxing nostalgic for 1968.
c In prayer. Asking why I don’t get this so-called ‘alone time.’
d Making little boxes for the craft show.
Varnishing little boxes.
Lobbing little boxes at the telly.
Making Joe Biden a nice little, appropriate box for his rosary.
e All of the above.

4. What is the best description of Big Ed’s birthday cake?
a A mind-boggling display of the confectioner’s art.
b Enough heavily colored buttercream to last until his 37th birthday.
c The cause of the tummy ache that made me too cranky to discuss resurfacing the driveway.
d Too toxic for breakfast.
e More sculpture than dessert.
f All of the above.

5. Who (or what) has moved into Martha’s bedroom?
a Scrappy.
b Bridget while her TV was broken.
c No brothers.
d Spare tablecloths, a box of LEGOs, a ladder and a medicine ball.
e All of the above.

6. Name a dispensable part of my summer ‘beauty’ routine:
a Wet n Wild Silk-Finish Lipstick (It makes up in quality what it lacks in sophistication)
b Tea Rose cologne
c Color coordinated hair elastics
d L.L. Bean Maine Isle Flip-flops
e None of the above.

What names are short-listed for our future grandchild(ren)?

a Zuma
b Enid
c Isis
d Romanceo Sir Tasty Maxibillion
e None of the above.

1 comment:

dylan said...

I do like "Romanceo Sir Tasty Maxibillion" ...

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