Saturday, August 16, 2008

But if you try sometimes you might find...
Yesterday was another one of those days that just reinforce my inclination to prepare for the 'worst.' As much as we (OK, maybe just Rick and I) wanted to attend the 7:00pm Assumption 'Gregorian' Mass, that little voice that that whispers those scenarios of any ten basic ways things could go wrong suggested that we all go to Mass at 8:00am. Then, if things permitted, Rick and I could still go back at 7:00 just for the pure joy of it. When Rick called home after 6:00 to let me know he was still in Elgin (or some such far off suburb) on a computer pick-up, I knew we had made the right decision.

A parishioner had lent a very old dormition icon for the morning Masses. I was able to look at it for about a minute, wishing I really had more time. (This minute did not include the time I watched the boys look at the icon - don't get too close, don't sneeze, don't bump the candles, don't bump anyone. The boys are teenagers, not toddlers - but my worry reflex is very sensitive!) Rick and the boys took off quickly for their busy day, the celebratory breakfast money having been slipped to them in the driveway to avoid giving a parking lot display of what would appear to be mother paying people to go to church.

I had only been at work a few minutes when Fr. mentioned that the icon had not yet been picked up. The rosary group was close to finished (I would say late in the fourth mystery) and he didn't want the icon to be left unattended. So I said I would sit with it until the owner arrived. There was a bit of a delay and I managed to have a good forty-five minutes, most of the time alone, for prayer and contemplation. On the clock. How good can work be? Like the song says... you get what you need.

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