Monday, May 15, 2006

Something new.... for me.
Back in my high school days, I had a subscription to the late Punch., I would look at their cartoon caption contests and draw a complete blank. Perhaps because I was lacking the requisite British sense of humour.

I now look at The New Yorker’s weekly cartoon caption contest with the same results. But, last Friday, filled with adrenaline, moxie and a renewed sense of ‘purpose,’ I looked at the latest cartoon and came up with what I thought was a killer line. Refined it. Sent it off. Then bounced it off the family.

Well, you know what they say about a joke you have to explain. Big Ed was gracious enough to give it chuckle. Chuck said, yeah, he ‘got’ it, but basically I had succeeded in creating one of those New Yorker cartoons that nobody understands. Better luck this week.*

*There was a finalist from Lake Bluff several months ago, so that skews my chances right there. I know statistics. Sort of.

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