Monday, May 15, 2006

So now what?
It’s been a while since I watched 7th Heaven with any amount of dedication. But that didn’t stop us from watching last week’s series’ finale. (The cheese fondue that Fran made for dinner was approriate. Talk about gustatorial coincidence.) Ah, the memories. That was a show that didn’t just ‘jump the shark.’ They took it in and made it part of the family. By the end I was so lost and confused. All the chaos. So many twins. The show had tended to remind me of my life, since one needed a flow chart to keep track of the characters. But at some point they lost me. (The Camdens, that is. I still have a a fair grasp on my family. I think.)

Chuck had a better idea. Rev. Camden wakes up to find he is a Catholic priest and it was all just a nightmare. Or Rev. Camden is a priest sitting at his desk contemplating a snow globe containing a tiny non-denominational church and its pastor....

Enough of this TV biz. I think I OD’d during my R&R time. Though I’m vaguely interested in catching the Grey’s Anatomy finale. This has me concerned.

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